Speculative Design

Mind Traveling with AI Nano Robotics and Magnetism

This project was created during a course at Södertörns University dealing with critical design with the theme of speculative design. The project takes a stance in sustainability with the aim to create a conceptual design of a possible future. A speculative design solution with something that will have an impact on society and suggest a reality different from what we already have today.


Target Group: All humans

Problem: We have all heard about the greenhouse effect and the way we live, eat and consume effect our nature and our planet in a negative way. At the same time people today live very hectic lives. People are expected to perform at top level. With information overload while being surrounded by all sorts of technology and constantly being available to everyone all the time – recovery must be a priority for both humans and nature for the planet to survive.

Solution: Mind traveling with AI Nano Robotics and Magnetism with a special designed hat. The concept created involves mind traveling by including nano robotics in a vaccine and a special designed hat with magnetism to activate the nano robots.


Design Process

The project started by identifying struggles and challenges we already have in our society today. Different possible futures were also the topic for brainstorming. This lead to the concept of mind traveling with nano robotics and magnetism through a vaccine and a special designed hat. Previous research on nano robotics was investigated as well as information on how the part of the brain that allows for us humans to visualize things works. Sketches were then made and illustrations designed to visualize the concept.

The Scenario

Humans and the planet are on the verge to collapse due to the way we live and consume like there is no tomorrow. We travel the globe without thinking twice about the consequences it will have on the environment and the pollution in the air are destroying the planet. In the near future, recovery will be a priority for both humans and nature. So, how would a solution work where the government force people to do something to be able to save the human spices and the planet?

To save the earth, a committee with representatives from all countries in the world have established. The aim is to find a solution that focus on sustainability and the committee have decided that traveling with aircrafts can no longer be allowed. The most important priority for human survival is to focus on recovery and people must slow down their hectic lives though still perform at top level. The committee has found a solution in a vaccine containing nano robotics. The vaccine allow for a new way of travel without affecting the environment that at the same time offer an easy way to focus on recovery by enabling short breaks throughout the day. The governments have thus decided that everyone need to get vaccinated in order to save both the human species and the planet.

This is how it works!

By creating a way to travel in mind it is possible focus on recovery without affecting the environment in a negative way. Mind travel is both time effective, cheap and a better way to reload and focus on recovery for both humans and nature since it can be performed anywhere at any time. It is also possible to travel alone or together with a loved one, nearby or far away. Imagine taking a mini-vacation at lunch break at work and feel reloaded and full of energy the rest of the day in only a few minutes.


The vaccine consists of molecular machines, or nano robotics. By creating chains of molecules and add energy to these chains the robots are able to move around. The question is how do we add energy to get this movment? And how can we use this technology to help save both human and nature from destuction?

Since nano robotics can include a magnetic field, using magnetism is one possible way to track and control the nano robots. This project takes the concept of nano robotics one step further and includes Artificial Intelligence (AI). When people receive the vaccine, the nano robots will spread out in the body and lay latent until activated by magnetism. To be able to mind travel, the nano robots have to take over the part of the brain that controls the visualization in the visual cortex, and it will do so by a custom designed hat that includes magnetism. Both the hat and vaccine will all be distributed by the government to ensure that all humans will have a chance to be saved.


Normally, the retina of the eye converts light into nerve impulses. The impulses reaches the visual cortex of the brain by two optic nerves and are there interpreted as 3D-images. By gathering around the visual cortex, the nano robots have full control over it and thereby takes over the sense of what the person sees by creating virtual nerve impulses and sending them to the visual cortex. This means that the person only sees and experience the virtual images and environments that the nano robots create, and this is what’s referred to as mind traveling.

So how do the robots know what to project? Since the nano robots have artificial intelligence they can when activated, understand spoken language and follow commands from the person wearing the hat. Sound is perceived by the sound auditory cortex that is close to the visual cortex and makes it possible for the nano robots to perceive information from this part of the brain as well. The person only have to put on the hat and say where s(he) wants to mind travel, and the nano robots will handle the rest. So let´s reload and save both human nature and our planet!

Project by Jenny Lindström and Martina Tarnawski


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