A Digital Healthcare Center

A Digital Healthcare Center

During a design course at Södertörns University my project group worked together with Doktorn.com to design a concept for a digital healthcare centre. In an iterative design process, the project followed Design Thinking as a method. Interviews with patients and a health care professional were initially conducted to gain empathy and insights of different needs and requirements. Based on the initial research we created personas to better understand the users. An analysis of actors within the eHealth field was also performed. Some of the challenges included how to transform a physical waiting room into a digital environment and what functions to include.

Early on we decided that Storytelling would be part of the final concept. User stories presenting patients in actual use with the digital healthcare centre would give a real sense of how the service will work by presenting functions, user flow and user experience. Wireframes and Lo-fi prototypes were also designed to visualize the concept. The final concept and prototype was presented for Doktorn.com.


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