The MultiBag

The MultiBag

The MultiBag is a smart clothing bag developed for Secondhand shoppers to enable more space in their closet and to enable a more easy way to ventilate, steam and iron clothes. The project was created during my master course at Södertörns University and the goal was to practice concept development following Design thinking as a method while designing for a specific target group.

Target group: Secondhand shoppers (”secondhanders”), people that often shop second hand items.

Problem: Many secondhand shoppers want to wash or ventilate their secondhand items before using them. It takes time and effort to wash, ventilate and steam clothes and many secondhanders lacked a washing machine in their home or a balcony where they can ventilate their clothes, meant that it could take some time before they actually could use their bargains. The target group also expressed a desire to be able to store more items in their closets.

Solution: The MultiBag, an all-in-one solution where secondhanders can steam, ventilate and iron their clothes more easily through a portable and flexible smart clothing bag. The bag is both easy to store and effective to use as it does not take up much space. It is controlled either via a display placed on the bag or trough a mobile application from a distance.


The Design process

Following Design Thinking as a method, interviews were initially performed to gain empathy for the users needs and requirements. The project evolved in an iterative design process with different brainstorming methods, sketching, user testing and discussions with the users about the different ideas that emerged throughout the process. The final concept ended up being The MultiBag – Every Seconhanders Dream. Based on basic sketches that were made, a digital prototype was created in Illustrator to visualize the concept.


Technical sketch and basic packaging

The focus of the MultiBag is simplicity with its clean design, simple packaging and useful functions. With the MultiBag, people that shop clothes and items second hand can from now on steam, ventilate and iron their clothes more easily. It also saves space in your closet with the smart vacuum function – all built in the bag. The MultiBag is easily managed through the display attached on the bag or via a mobile application from a distance. To show how all the functions were included in the bag a technical sketch was made as well as a basic packaging. To present the concept a fashion statement was chosen to represent the MultiBag – ” Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”.


A customized MultiBag

The design of The MultiBag can be customized to match the users own personal style. With a personal design it can be placed visible anywhere in the home, even as an interior piece. To visualize this possibility an illustration showing a MultiBag with a customized design was created. To further enhance the concept a fashion statement was chosen to represent the exterior.

MultiBag Application & Website

Check out the MultiBag App that controls all the smart functions in the MultiBag. The MultiBag Website gives the user all the latest information and a way to easily shop bags.


Project by Jenny Lindström and Martina Tarnawski


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