The SomaVest App

The SomaVest App

The SomaVest Mobile Application is part of the The SomaVest – an interactive wearable garment. With heat pads providing heat stimuli to different areas of the torso and in combination with guided meditation the SomaVest helps the user to shift focus from their pain, creating a multimodal somaesthetic experience.

The SomaVest Mobile Application helps the user to control and make adjustments to the SomaVest and its functions. Since pain is subjective and experienced differently among individuals, designing for this domain requires qualities like flexibility and personalization to be taken in consideration. The SomaVest App allows the user make personal choices and adjustments to suite individual needs and desires. An interactive prototype was created in Sketch and InVision and a movie was created to show how the application works.


Watch the movie to see how it works!


Welcome – Let´s get started!









When the user opens the application for the first time s(he) are asked to create an account and then gets directed to a Intro page that says ”Welcome, Let´s get started!”. The intro page shows a short introduction movie of how to use the application together with the SomaVest. The user can choose to skip the intro or watch it later on by swiping or pressing, ”Skip intro” at the bottom of the screen. The main menu of the application is placed with a visible icon in the top left corner that will show a menu sliding in from the left side of the screen.


Discover & Guided meditation









The landing page in The SomaVest App is Discover, where the user will find a library with suggested meditation tracks. The user can choose from meditation tracks with or without music or of different lengths as well as being able to search and discover among new tracks and save favorites to a personal library called My favorites.


Heat levels & My Favorites









The user can adjust the heat levels to match their own personal needs with predefined heat levels choosing Min, Medium or Max or by adjusting the status bar for each body part at the bottom of the page. The user can also choose on what body parts to activate the heat by marking the different spots on the body maps. The app also allows the user to save any adjustment as a favorite that will be found on the page My Favorites. My Favorites can easily be accessed through a quick menu placed at the bottom of the page by swiping or clicking the menu. It can also be accessed through the top left menu that will take the user to a more detailed page of My Favorites. The items are categorized and the active ones are highlighted.


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